Buzzwords are frequently used in news media. These are words that do not typically occur in everyday speech, but are common among newscasters, talking heads, and pundits on cable news.

These ‘news words’ are accepted by audiences for their implied meaning. But often loaded words are misused or used out of context. The actual definitions can be different than what is implied.

Newswordy is a growing collection of these words, updated every weekday. Along with each word is a definition, a quote with its use (or misuse) in the media, and a news and Twitter feed on the subject.

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1. The point on the earth’s surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake; 2. The central point of something, typically a difficult or unpleasant situation.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the Washington region Tuesday afternoon, causing damage to several Washington icons—including the National Cathedral and Washington Monument—and clogging the region’s roads and transit systems as government agencies and businesses sent workers home early. The quake’s epicenter was Mineral, Va., 84 miles from Washington and southwest of Fredericksburg.

Liz Farmer, Washington Examiner